After leaving school at 16 Tim trained as a journeyman apprentice cabinetmaker at Gordon Russell's in Broadway. During his apprenticeship Tim specialised in restoration, working in several workshops across the United Kingdom.
In 1979 Tim set up his own restoration and cabinetmaking business at White House Farm, Warwickshire,specialising in furniture making, conservation and interiors. During the 1980's Tim restored and reproduced fine 17th & 18th century furniture for a growing list of clients. He soon became know for his buhl and ivory work, gilding, carving and fine painting. Over thirty years of dedicated work have resulted in a vast knowledge of the design, construction and history of furniture leading to a profound understanding of the base material, movement, veneers and working with solid timber.
This experience has put Tim in good stead to undertake any scale of project ranging from classical panelled rooms, bookcases through to large walnut dining room furniture.